Forever Friends

Forever Friends
To Reach out, Strengthen, Celebrate and Re-invent Friendship. - Aparna, CP MMLC4

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hello Girls!

Hi girls! We've started this blog to exchange ideas, share information, exhibit photographs, gossip and short to get closer ("Forever Friends"). Want Nancy's famous brownie recipe? Photos of the last social? Advice on what to wear to the next party? Anyone to discuss global warming with? You have them all here. Please post your own comments to keep the interaction going.

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sultana said...

ami, i hope this way at least i'll get ur paneer curry recipe that i've been requesting for a year now.

ami said...

sure, will give it to you soon!

Anonymous said...

great idea! baby snaps are really cute.

Unknown said...

Hey gurls! This is real cool...I liked the belly dance..wish i cud c the Bekky though ;-)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

3 cheers to Sultana and Ami!!
U babes totally......... rock
Loved the site totally cant wait to get all the others rolling in..



ruchi said...
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aparna said...

hey guys. finally managed a google ac and so here i am!will post the tea cake recipe in a day for ruby.the site is great- though i am still learning to move around it.